Welcome to the German Research Project ‘APPsist’

A Project of Industry 4.0


The ever-growing complexity of INDUSTRIE 4.0 manufacturing plants calls for new approaches to transfer expertise about an activity or a process to employees. The collaborative project “APPsist” aims to develop a new generation of mobile, context sensitive, and intelligent-adaptive assistance systems for knowledge and management support in smart manufacturing. Among others the approach focuses on the qualification of the staff and attempts to compensate for any skills that may be lacking. The project partners develop a AI-based learning assistance system with the aim of facilitating continuing education for the staff. This support includes the setup, the initial acceptance, and operation of a manufacturing unit in the production process, as well as the preventive maintenance, maintenance, and troubleshooting.
The continuous expansion of staff expertise is made possible through the acquisition of knowledge and skills in relation to production, product, and process. The aim is to promote the professional development of the staff so that they can gradually start to perform more demanding tasks and serve as a counterbalance to the demographic change and the shortage of skilled workers.
The collaborative project is funded under the initiative “Autonomics for INDUSTRIE 4.0” at the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).APPsist-Systemlösung